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"The high road to service is traveled with integrity, compassion, and understanding...people don't care how much we know until they know how much we care."

The fact that I live this credo and am focused on my clients and their Prescott area residential real estate goals has resulted in highly satisfied clients, both Sellers and Buyers, who are happy to refer me as an exceptional and caring real estate professional.  The testimonials that follow are their actual words and show that, indeed, you CAN expect more from Les.

5 Stars for Sure

Lesley did an excellent job of marketing our home (sold in 1 day for full price). She is extremely knowledgeable of the business and area and goes well beyond her requirements to work with you. She also helped us in another area where she was not required to. Five GOLD stars for sure!

Sandy Reagan and Bill Bynarowicz

Lucky to Have Lesley Represent us in the Sale of Our Home

To Anyone Ready to Sell or Buy a House in Prescott, Arizona:

     We are among those Prescott, Arizona residents lucky enough to have had Lesley Alward represent us in the sale of our home, which took less than 3 months.

     Beginning the first hour that she spent listening to the needs, desires and feelings of a couple of "seasoned citizens", Lesley demonstrated a perfect combination of professional expertise and human compassion.  At that initial meeting, she came prepared with a thick binder of information specifically tailored to our property to help us understand the facts we should consider in selling our beloved "dream home" during an economic downturn. 
     When Lesley advised us to pack up half of our "prized possessions", she helped us to understand that Buyers want to envision their own things in the rooms, rather than admiring ours.  We "got it" and it was worth the effort.  We had a full price offer the first day!
     Unfortunately, those potential Buyers and several others found reasons to withdraw their offers.  During a month of frustrations, Lesley not only helped us to maintain a positive attitude, she knocked herself out to enhance the appeal of our home. 
     Location was a key attraction of our home.  For promotion, Lesley spent her own money for a professional photographer who could shoot photos that showed the stunning living room AND the spectacular views through the windows.
    By the time we were under contract and inspections occurred, we had decided to go ahead and relocate to a senior living resort.  Lesley then took it upon herself to assist in selecting contractors to do the needed repairs and kept a close eye on what was done, completely sparing us the anxiety and effort of adding all that to our final preparations to move.
     In response to our repeated expressions of praise and gratitude, Lesley said, "You might like to think that I've done these things because you are special people.  You ARE special people, yet this is just what I do."
     To us, what Lesley Alward did went above and beyond our expectations of a Realtor.  We feel incredibly lucky to have had her working with us and cannot recommend her highly enough.
Ethan and Judith Davis 

Service to Out of Town Sellers

In our absence, Lesley listed and sold our townhouse in less than a month, selling it at 97% of the list price! She supervised the inspection needs, keep us in constant communication, and provided the most efficient and professional service of any realtor we have ever used! And may I add, we have owned 8 homes in 15 years! We cannot recommend this accomplished realtor enough!

Dan and Louisa Monk

Lucky to Be in Your Care


     I could never thank you enough for all you did for me in selling my house.  You are great to work with and I appreciate the organized way in which you handled everything.  As much as you could, you took the stress out of it.  You certainly helped to make my transition possible.   I feel I couldn’t have done it without you.  When we signed the listing I had no idea how lucky I was to be in your care.  Thank you for everything!


Jan Gebhard 

Appreciative Sellers

Dear Lesley,
Somehow "thank you" doesn't sound like enough but it's a way to begin expressing our appreciation for all your hard work and dedication to the successful recent sale of our Prescott home. Your confidence in the task at hand and wealth of experience made us feel very secure through the entire process. We will not hesitate to refer others to you.

Most sincerely,
Jim and Sue Murphey 

Letter to Broker: She is amazing.

To the Supervisor of Lesley Alward:

     Chuck and I would like to let you know how much we appreciated the services of Lesley Alward in the sale of our cabin in Mountain Club.  We were in a situation where we had sold our home in Surprise, and had found a house in Haisley Homestead we wanted to purchase.  We knew if we were able to sell our cabin as well, within a VERYshort amount of time, we could use the equity from both homes to make a sizeable down payment on the Haisley property and would then be comfortable with the resulting monthly payment.

     Enter Lesley!  Lesley worked with us diligently, giving us sound advice, encouraging us, guiding us through the process and marketing our little cabin extremely well.  We were told by most of our friends and acquantainces who heard how quickly everything would have to happen, that our plan would most likely not succeed, stating "It just can't happen that fast!"  Lesley, instead, did everything within her power to assist and move things along, including making valuable suggestions and talking us through some rough patches.  Amazingly, our prayers were answered when a young man stopped by to see the home on the Fourth of July when we did an "Independence Day Sale".  He wanted to know if he offered us the "sale price" that day, would we accept it.  Of course we did and the race was on with Lesley taking time from HER holiday to meet with us and complete the paperwork.  I am quite certain she did much work behind the scenes to make this all happen within the required time frame, resulting in the closing of our little cabin just in time to use the equity from both homes to purchase our house in Haisley Homestead. 
     We are now spending our first Christmas here and are about to begin the process of remodeling the downstairs to meet the needs of my aging parents.  Lesley was so proactive in the process of listing and marketing our home, and so helpful to us every step of the way, that we feel she was instrumental in the success of the sale of our cabin in such a short amount of time.  We truly appreciate her and hope that you at Realty Executives Northern Arizona know her great worth and value.  She is amazing.
THANK YOU again to Lesley! 
Chuck and Kathy Gorospe 

At the Top of the List of Exceptional Realtors

     I would like to publicly thank realtor Lesley Alward in Prescott, AZ, for making out home buying experience a delight.   I am close to retirement age and have bought a lot of houses in my life. I have dealt with many realtors over the years and many have been exceptional.

     I can say without a doubt that Lesley Alward is at the top of the list. Not only was she exceptional in her knowledge and expertise on the housing market in Prescott, but she is an excellent communicator AND has a wonderful and pleasant attitude that makes her a delight to work with.

     Should you need a realtor to assist you in finding OR selling a house, I would recommend her in a heartbeat. You will have a marvelous realtor and a wonderful human being working on your side.

Les Nuckles

Delighted Buyers

     Lesley did an outstanding job helping us find a home and then close the deal! She spent a huge amount of time educating us on the local area and then showing us homes. She was easy to work with, extremely detail oriented and very responsive to our phone calls and emails. She is very tech savvy and it made searching for and then buying a new home easier.
     If I ever buy another house or sell the one we are now in, my first call will be to Lesley to have her represent us. She was just great!

Carl and Denise DeKemper

Exceeded Buyers Expectations



   Thank you so much for exceeding our expectations for what a realtor's scope of service should provide. You are very professional and your knowledge of the changing Prescott market is clearly demonstrated. However, this is not where your strengths end. You are very approachable and come across as informative and conversational.


     We have enjoyed every stage of the home-buying process, and we appreciate and value your patience and understanding. You have been an absolute pleasure to associate with. On a personal level, you are succinctly a very kind and warm individual. I hope that our interaction will extend beyond the purchase of our home.


     We would work with you again in a heartbeat. We offer our highest recommendation for your services rendered on our behalf. It is without hesitation that we would refer friends and loved-ones into your very capable hands.


     In conclusion, thanks for being so genuine. We loved our interactions with you and look forward to seeing you around town!




Andy & Jon Nuckles

Aggressive Marketer

     Lesley aggressively marketed our two homes; and as a result, both sold in plenty of time for us to make our move into another house. Her knowledge and experience was appreciated and, most importantly, creates results.


Hank Schneider and Jamie Semana 

Champ of Detail

No question- you have paid more attention to detail than any realtor we have ever worked with - and that's saying a lot since we have bought and sold like 10 homes. So, thank you my friend for doing a great job in representing us and in showing our home to best advantage.  BTW--you did an amazing job of editing the tour for our home.  With all our thanks for representing us so well...The Former Champ of Detail,Jan Shirreffs

Prescott's Can Do Realtor

To: Whom it May Concern: This letter is a recommendation of one of the finest, most qualified and determined realtors I have had the pleasure to deal with. Lesley Alward of Realty Executives is that realtor. Having procured and sold over 20 plus investment properties in the past years, I have delt with many realtors. Lesley Alward is one realtor who goes out of her way to assure your property gets sold. Living out of town there were many important issues I was unable to deal with such as fixing, painting, utilities, etc. Ms Alward went out of her way to assure even the most mundane task was handled without my driving over 300 miles to do the job myself. The service she provided has been outstanding. In addition to the outstanding service, I received weekly reports on the status of the property, how many visitors came to the web site or to the property itself for review. I highly recommend Lesley Alward as a real "Can Do Realtor". Questions, give me a call. Yours Truly, Dennis Hogan Retired Dean of Support Services Mt. San Jacinto College

"Service Above and Beyond"

Well, if your goal is to provide "Service Above and Beyond" then I would say you have met your goal.  Though we haven't had a lot of experiences with folks of the Real Estate persuasion, we certainly feel that your guidance and unfailing up-beat assistance made the whole experience very easy and positive.  You almost immediately homed in on what kind of place we wished to make our home, and guided us perfectly along that choice...no wasted movement.  All and all we certainly have no suggestions for improvement...you were perfect. :)
Jim and Barb Wright

Love My Condo

I love my condo and I wouldn't own it if it weren't for Lesley Alward!  She helped me realize what a great neighborhood this is and that the bank-repossessed condo could be fixed up into a beautiful home.  I was able to offer 89% of their list price and 78% of the assessed value!  The mortgage appraiser said it was worth far more than I paid for it, and he said I had gotten a marvelous bargain!  Lesley was a delight to work with, always full of good ideas, suggestions, encouragement and physical help.  Lesley was always patient and understanding, for which this first time solo homebuyer was extremely grateful!  Ann Boppart

Satisfied Sellers

"We are SO appreciative of the way you handled the selling of 1810.  From our standpoint, everything went smoothly--including selling it in 6 months!  A miracle in today's market.  We've tried to think of any little thing that might be helpful to you (to improve your service)--and we realize we were pleased with everything you did!"  Marie Highland

Service Above and Beyond

"I can't put into words how much it means to me that you're taking care of all of this (the details of the transaction).  I could not have asked for a better Realtor.  You did a fantastic job for me and am very pleased with the outcome."    Jane Perry

Satisfied Buyer

When asked to comment on the overall quality of my service, Ms Allis wrote:  "Excellent!...Over and above the call to duty."

Thrilled with Pre-Listing Assistance

Upon returning from a short trip during which I assisted in readying the home for market, the sellers exclaimed "the house looks so good we'd like to make an offer!" 

Outstanding job!

"Outstanding job!  Selling a house for someone who has emotional ties to the place is extremely challenging.  Lesley was very kind and sensitive and consequently very patient with me!"  S. Owens

Always Available

"Lesley has been a delight to work with--always available and helpful!"  A. Boppart

Wildwood Buyers

Not long ago my husband and were in the market for a home in Prescott. Lesley Alward was the listing agent on one of the homes I saw on-line and when I emailed for more information on that house she was prompt and thorough in her response. I had a lot of questions and she was very patient to help me understand location, listings, and home details. Thus began our professional relationship. For the next 4 to 5 months, we frequented the Prescott area meeting with her and looking at the listings she had pulled. We felt immediately that she completely understood what we were looking for. When we finally found the house we wanted, Lesley was our advocate in every sense. There wasn’t one question that went unanswered or one concern that she didn’t follow through with resolve. She was more than patient, more than willing to go above and beyond to make sure we were fully informed all along the way. She walked us through every step of the purchase transaction, put us in touch with all the right people, and handled all matters with a strong sense of integrity, a quick wit, all the while demonstrating a her vast knowledge in all facets of real estate information. We trusted her completely as an agent and also a friend knowing she would ensure our transaction was solid. Now that the purchase has closed, we have continued in our friendship and would be more than happy to recommend her services as a Real Estate Agent. Sincerely, Karen and Wil Young

You Did an Excellent Job for Us

Hi Lesley, In accordance with your request, I am submitting this evaluation of your performance regarding our lot purchase. 1. Level of Broker Knowledge - High 2. Attitude - Positive 3. Communication Skills - High 4. Customer Orientation - High 5. Focus on Project - High 6. Integrity - High 7. Response Time - High 8. Productivity/Deadlines - High 9. Keeping Up With What's Happening - High 10. Overall Performance - Positive and High We were pleased with your work. The escrow closed ahead of schedule. You did an excellent job for us. Sincerely, Bob Erickson

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